The realities of our digital world require financial institutions to target consumers through multiple online channels, including websites. Websites from the past no longer meet the expectations of today’s consumers of financial services. A unique bank website design has more chance of attracting visitors and converting them into long term customers

Key Features:

Hardened Security –

Security measures are particularly important when it comes to the online banking design and mobile banking design; users must be 100% sure about the security of online banking transactions, otherwise, they will never use the services offered

Mobile-Optimized –

Surveys reveal that potential customers are 67% more likely to do business with a bank that has a website that can be easily navigated on a cell phone.

Loads quickly –

Let’s face it- if a website doesn’t load quickly the odds that a visitor will wait are very low.

One-touch calling –

Websites viewed in mobile view must have a phone number easily accessible that can be activated with one touch.

Simple navigation –

Potential customers like options but too many options are overwhelming. A website should have the most important options easily accessible without ignoring other options too.

Easy to maintain –

There’s no bigger turn-off to a potential customer than a website with outdated information. A website must have an easy to use editor for regular updates and changes.

Strong call to action –

A website isn’t just an online brochure, it is a sales tool. Therefore, a website must have a strong a clear call to action telling potential customers exactly what you want them to do.

Accessibility –

A good banking website design takes into account all categories of people. A disabled person who cannot use and benefit from services offered by the site will never become a loyal customer.

Maintain Brand Identity –

A website can maximize brand identity by following guidelines from the brand book, or from other identity style guide documents. Remember to use logos, fonts, colors, and other design elements specified in such documents.

What you can expect:

What can you expect from the experts at Webaloo?

  • Comprehensive Project Management – clear understanding of Webaloo’s process and workflow. Includes a detailed outline and schedule for deliverables.
  • Clear Communication – You will be assigned a lead project manager who will be your primary contact during the process.
  • Latest technologies – Webaloo technicians will provide you with the latest in website technology and the ability to adapt and grow as needs change.