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About Us

Webaloo has been serving the website needs of businesses and organizations since 2005. Based in Stillwater, MN, the Webaloo team takes a personal interest in each of their clients before, during and well after the start of a project. As a small business owner, Webaloo’s President, Tim Anderson, understands the unique challenges faced by business owners and business leaders. Besides for-profit businesses, Webaloo has a unique niche with non-profit organizations because of Tim’s many years of service and connection with this sector.
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Staffing Solutions

Ongoing Help When You Need It! We partner with your team by providing website and social media updates and marketing help. Webaloo’s website support clients including government agencies, small and medium-size businesses, and nonprofits.

Custom Website Design

Webaloo specializes in the use of WordPress, the most widely used website development software in the world.

Computer Hardware and Software

Webloo’s IT support team is prepared to help businesses, small and large, with their computer hardware and software needs. Whether its servers, networking or any other infrastructure issue, we can help.

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Search Engine Optimization

Webaloo provides a variety of services to assist clients in their goal of attaining the highest possible ranking with the major search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

Includes a variety of paid services to increase market position for clients including Google Adwords.

Website/Email Hosting

Webaloo partners with a number of world-class website and email hosting firms including GoDaddy and Network Solutions.