How to setup your Webmail.

If you are setting up your email as a Pop, use:
Incoming Server: (port 110)
Outgoing Server: (port 587)

If you are setting up your email as an Imap, use:
Incoming server: (port 143)
Outgoing Server: (port 587)

IMPORTANT: In order to send email, you must set your email software to use authentication when connecting to the outgoing mail server. If your email software asks you to enter a username and password, enter the your full email address as the username and the password provided to you.

Accessing your Webaloo email through the internet. 

  • Open up an internet browser and delete everything in the address bar (ex.
  • Type in
  • Your user name is the first part of your email address before the @ symbol. Your password should have been mailed to you when your account was created.

Setting an auto-response.

Once logged in the webmail click on the ‘options’ tab, then click on ‘auto response.’¬† Set the auto response to ‘on’ and type your message in the box below.

Setting up your Webaloo email in a mail client.
Find your email client below and click on it to find directions on how to set it up.

Remember to ALWAYS use these settings:

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

“I receive emails fine, but I cannot send mail or connect to the smtp server.”

If this is the case your ISP has blocked other SMTP servers as a measure to reduce spam inside its network. You must call your ISP and ask for their SMTP server settings and change them accordingly in your mail client.